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PHD Comics: The Movie follows the plight of two characters, "The Nameless Graduate Student" (played by Raj Katti) and Cecilia (played by Alexandra Lockwood) as they try to find acceptance and balance within the annals of Academia. The Nameless Graduate Student is a first-year student trying to find his place in the lab, the university and academia at large. Along the way, while trying to earn a spot in the lab of the formidable Professor Smith (played by Zachary Abbott), he meets career graduate student Mike Slackenerny (played by Evans Boney) who takes The Nameless Graduate Student under his wing, teaches him how to survive graduate school, and shows him that sometimes the most important thing you can do as a graduate student is "relax".

Cecilia is a the perfect graduate student, so invested in her research and working towards a professorship that she struggles to make time for a personal life outside of the lab. Her enthusiasm and focus on her career in academia is put to the test when she is brought face to face with a class of undergraduates who are only concerned with getting a good grade and have little intellectual interest in the subject that she loves. Underappreciated and overwhelmed, it takes help from her roommate Tajel (played by Crystal Dilworth) for Cecilia to realize that getting a Ph.D. is as much about finding truth in research as it is about finding truth in yourself and that following your passion in everything you do is what really matters.