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  • The New York Times: "Jorge Cham's comics started out as just another way for a grad student to procrastinate. Now he's helping millions of others do the same."
  • Nature News: "The creator of the popular online comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper has turned it into a feature film."
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Grad student audiences can stop asking Jorge Cham when he plans to bring his comic strip parody of academic life to the big screen."
  • The Times Higher Education: "Cham's movie, tapping adeptly into that shared culture, will provide a welcome break between supervision sessions and grading papers."
  • Chemical and Engineering News: "Exploring that focal point has allowed Cham to elevate PHD Comics from a pithy humor piece to a conduit for students' shared experiences, triumphs, boredom, frustration and pain."